Four-Week Exotic Dance Series
No pole required! In our exotic dance classes, you’ll learn hypnotic movements and
You will develop fluidity of motion, achieve proper muscle memory, and create your
cost: 100.00
prerequisite: none
Sign up for Four-Week Exotic Dance Series [link].

Lap Dance*
Need to spice up your love life? Want some new, sexy moves? Sign up for our Lap
Dance class now!
*You’ll be practicing your routine on a fellow classmate, so you may want to sign up
with a friend.
cost: 20.00
prerequisite: none
Sign up for Lap Dance [link].

Floor Work
Upgrade your sexy workout and dance routines in our Floor Work class!

You’ll learn fun and flirty in-between moves, flips, and floor work that happen when
you’re not working on the pole during a routine.
*Although kneepads are provided, you shouldn’t take this class if you have knee
cost: 20.00
prerequisite: Beginner Series
Sign up for Floor Work [link].

Not feeling the dancin’ vibe?

Try a Pole Kittens Fitness workout class to feel sexy and fit. Or have a pole party
with friends!
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